Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memorial for My Mom & Sister

Our family gathered together in Yosemite this late July and early August to celebrate and remember my mother and sister. Yosemite is where our family vacationed every summer as kids, and was my mom's and sister's most favorite place in the world.

Over 38 members of the family attended, with my cousins the Gerth's, and our long time family friends Max & Carol Schreiber (who our families originally met while camping in Yosemite) were able to join us.
It was a very special time with everyone sharing their hearts, stories, tears and laughter about two wonderful women who truly graced our lives!

The Whole Gang- we missed those that couldn't be there, but, they were in spirit.

All the Grand-kids!  Most are my sister Dianne's legacy!  All Fabulous!

   ♥  Until we meet again! ♥