Tuesday, December 20, 2011

JM Steele Oil Painting Art Demo - Mountain Oyster Club Show

"Backlit Bovine" Oil 6 x 8 © JMSteele

This is one of the oil paintings I did that was accepted into the
 Mountain Oyster Club 42nd Annual Art Show this year Nov.2011.
Here is a quick Demo of how this painting came about......

Step 1:  I drew in my Compostition on a gessoed primed masonite panel

that was underpainted with a warm yellow-orange acrylic paint.
Using my own photograph of one of my favorite cows I drew the subject
in with my brush thinning my oil paint with some turpenoid. (I mixed ultramarine blue
with alizarin crimson for the outline).
I then pre-mixed all of my colors so that once I started to lay in the paint
I could work quickly.

Step 2: The Values  are now laid in starting with my darks (her under belly
and shadows on her face and body), and then
working up to the lights.  The Cow girl is backlit so her whole body
is in shadow.  I wanted the values to be interesting so I'm using
the entire value scale 1-10, as you'll see when I get the background in.

Step 3: The Colors I pre-mixed are somewhat muted as I wanted it to be more
low key...but, I've kept them with some saturation. (I can't get away from
that vibrant color it seems).  So, the colors are middle to high key chroma-wise.
Here I'm laying the paint in nice and fat (impasto) and leaving the brush strokes.
I've laid in the luscious highlight along her back which makes her pop!

Step 4:  Now I'm laying in the background colors, keeping the brushwork
fat and loose, letting some of that underpainting show through,
 putting the finishing touches on her face.  Softening the Edges,
keeping them interesting, and varied, hard and soft, lost and found.
And Voila'!
Thank you for looking.......
Email me if you have any Questions: jmsteele1@charter.net
and.......Happy Painting! 

Mountain Oyster Club 42nd Annual Art Show - JMSteele's 2 Paintings

I was very pleased to have 2 of my paintings accepted into the prestigious 
Mountain Oyster Club 42nd Annual Art Show this year, held in
Tucson, Arizona.  The show will run from Nov. 20 - Jan. 2012
Opening night was November 20th and I was very happy to have
sold both of my paintings.  To view the entire show Click here:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oil Painting Class - Second Street Gallery

This summer I taught an Oil Painting class, a one day workshop hosted by
Second Street Gallery in Bandon, Oregon.  I'm finally posting the pictures from
that class.  Everyone did such a great job, and students came from all over,
Portland, Seattle, Grants Pass, and locals too. Enjoy the pictures!

Everyone taking notes as we cover color theory & basic design.

Everyone hard at work doing the painting exercises.

Everyone then completed a painting of a Still Life, and did a fabulous job!

Alan Remele, Jean Stephenson, Ava Richey, Nancy DeGroot, Karen Crowley, Darci Cascioppo (seated)

Thank you to all that attended!

Stay tuned for more Demos .........

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memorial for My Mom & Sister

Our family gathered together in Yosemite this late July and early August to celebrate and remember my mother and sister. Yosemite is where our family vacationed every summer as kids, and was my mom's and sister's most favorite place in the world.

Over 38 members of the family attended, with my cousins the Gerth's, and our long time family friends Max & Carol Schreiber (who our families originally met while camping in Yosemite) were able to join us.
It was a very special time with everyone sharing their hearts, stories, tears and laughter about two wonderful women who truly graced our lives!

The Whole Gang- we missed those that couldn't be there, but, they were in spirit.

All the Grand-kids!  Most are my sister Dianne's legacy!  All Fabulous!

   ♥  Until we meet again! ♥

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dianne Grace Lambson
Nov. 25, 1947 - May 22, 2010


Betty May Armacost
May 4, 1914 - Sept. 6, 2010

It has been one year since I lost my sister in her valiant fight against cancer. She was a true friend and light in my world and one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I miss her terribly as her life was too short on this earth.

My mother passed away 3 months later, another special woman that gave me so much love, spiritual direction, and lived such a generous life. Thankfully her life was long on this earth. I miss her too. Two great women, who were living examples of faith, hope and most of all love. Both are sorely missed by us all. Our family and friends will be celebrating their lives this July in Yosemite.